Bespoke Holidays To Venice

Bespoke holidays to Venice are by their very nature magical. A city located on a cluster of islands 118 strong, divided by countless canals and connected by over 400 bridges, a UNESCO world heritage site and a beautiful city besides, tailor-made holidays to Venice by WindowtoTravel will definitely not disappoint. With wonderful food, new sights, smells and delights around every corner, whether you are a family of four, a couple or a newcomer to Venice travelling alone – this city will amaze and intrigue you in equal measure.

The city of Venice is an architectural wonder in and of itself. The wonders held within are truly countless, and there is no way that one person can experience all that the city has to offer in one single trip. It was, and still is an important centre of artistic creation, having played host to some of the founding members of the Renaissance period; its contribution to progress, in so many areas of modern life, cannot be overlooked.

With so many stunning marvels of architecture, you will truly be spoilt for choice on your bespoke holiday to Venice. No holiday to Venice would be complete without a trip to the Basilica di San Marco; an incredible feat of engineering and dedication with over 8000 sq metres of mosaics to enjoy. The Basilica di San Marco was originally built in the 9th century to protect and honour the corpse of St Mark – which itself was rescued from Egypt. Having been almost entirely destroyed by a fire in 932, it was given a new lease of life, rebuilt to reflect the multicultural nature of the city.

Tailor-Made Holidays To Venice

As well as architecture, a tailor-made holiday to Venice must include a Gondola ride along one of the city’s many winding and almost otherworldly canals. Even in the peak season, you will find no shortage of obliging gondoliers who will show you Venice from the water – an experience that really cannot be missed, especially for the romantics!

If good food and a stellar culinary experience are a must on your bespoke holiday to Venice, then you can take one of the countless guided food tours that are famed for showing tour-goers the best and most famous spots combined with the hidden gems favoured by the locals. If you would rather, go rogue and off the beaten track and find your favourite traditional Venetian cafe or pizzeria. Venice plays host to the very best in Italian cuisine as well as tastes and flavour from across the world.

So if you would like to arrange your very own bespoke holiday to Venice, then get in touch with a member of our friendly and professional team today, we will arrange and plan every single aspect of your trip for you. Visit Venice and marvel at modern architecture and ancient anthropological history, be entranced by the bridges, waterways, Gondolas and canals whilst dining on some of the finest food in the whole of Italy. Here at WindowtoTravel, we are experts at tailor-made holidays to Venice and have a vast knowledge pool that we will draw on to make your holiday an experience you will never forget.

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