Bespoke Holidays to Malaysia

Bespoke holidays to Malaysia can provide you with a great deal of diversity, as a melting pot of Asian culture with ancient traditions, colonial history and 21st-century modernisation, Malaysia is a truly unique place to visit. With one of our bespoke holidays to Malaysia, you can enjoy everything that this amazing country has to offer. There are remote and beautiful beaches, guided tours of the Malay rainforests and vibrant cities to get lost in.

The most popular destinations in Malaysia include city breaks to Kuala Lumpur, the bustling 21st-century capital, or the peaceful island of Penang, where colonial history sits alongside Indian markets and Chinese restaurants – a true melting pot of culture. Although only a small country, there are many things to see and do, and no better way to experience it than with a bespoke holiday tailor-made holiday; with your ideal adventure made for you, stress-free and simple.

Malaysia’s diversity truly is exciting. Calling the nation home are Muslim Malays, Hindu and Muslim Indians, and a group of religiously diverse Chinese. Not only does this give the nation a mixed identity, but these diverse cultures also offer up small slices of their home, including gorgeous architecture and scintillating cuisine.

There are also a vast range of different landscapes to enjoy. No bespoke holiday to Malaysia would be complete without a visit to Kuala Lumpur. We would then suggest you continue on towards the beautiful national parks and rainforests, then up the coast to experience perfect and pristine beaches.

You will have no shortage of different activities to do in Malaysia, including snorkelling in the bio-diverse and sparkling waters, hiking through impressive stretches of dense jungle, and sunbathing on beaches in luxury destinations that have yet to become fully swarmed with tourists.

Tailor-Made Holidays To Malaysia

A tailor-made holiday to Malaysia will be a truly unique experience. If you prefer the cities, then Kuala Lumpur is the perfect place for you; there are towering 21st-century skyscrapers that jut up from behind old fashioned street scenes dappled with diverse market stalls and bustling hubs of street food. If you prefer the mod-cons of a city but with a little more peace, Georgetown on Penang is an ever-popular destination. Here you will find fantastic food, a slower pace of life, as well as luxury bars and restaurants along its northern stretch of beach.

For those holidaymakers who much prefer the wilder side of life, then Malaysia’s stunning rainforest is the ideal destination for a guided tour. On tailor made holidays to Malaysia you can go on a ranger-led walk through staggering natural flora. Dense foliage, muddy paths and humid jungles open out onto high-altitude forests where conifers and enormous rhododendrons are commonplace. With this amount of untapped natural beauty, there is of course a host of wildlife to spy in their natural habitats. From lounging silvered leaf monkeys, weird and wonderful insects, and fast-moving orangutans swinging through the canopy above your head, there is no place on earth like Malaysia.

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