Bespoke Holidays To Qatar

Once thought of as nothing more than a stopover point for long-haul flights, Qatar has battled its way into the limelight as one of the fastest developing nations the world has ever seen. Utilising a wealth like no other, this diverse destination has grown from a natural beauty, to the perfect mix of modern and traditional. Delve into Doha – the glistening capital city filled with new builds and the hustle and bustle of Qatar life. This city is continuously growing, despite barely being on the map a few decades ago, and now towers over some of the world’s greatest capitals as one worthy of attention. City breakers will adore Doha as it is bursting with luxury hotels and unique shopping experiences to fill up every space in your suitcase.

If natural beauty is more your style, there are sand dunes a-plenty for a unique sunset walk or dune-buggy experience. Watch the sun disappear on the horizon while strolling along the expansive Arabian skyline, or visit one of the plentiful beaches where waters are blue and warm and visitors enjoy the warm climate all year round. For a natural marvel like no other, you could visit the ‘singing dunes’, a single layout of sand dunes that let out a low hum-like sound to hear, located just an hour away from the capital itself.

If wildlife is what you’re looking for, there’s plenty of that too. In fact, Qatar is home to some rare species including the Arabian Oryx and various gazelle, all of whom roam the vast sands and swamps with unrivaled freedom. Bespoke holidays to Qatar truly make the entire trip your own and our travel management service is here to ensure it’s tailored exactly to your needs. Get in touch today for more information.

Tailor-Made Holidays To Qatar

Qatar might not be a destination on your bucket list, but it’s certainly worthy of a spot and our bespoke holidays to Qatar will ensure you see everything you want to see. Surrounded by coastline that sits comfortably on the Persian Gulf, the waters are warm and deep, giving the perfect backdrop for an adventure break on the waters. Paddle boarding, windsurfing and more are all available here and some hotels and resorts may offer even more. Be mindful of dress codes however – some hotels have private beaches to allow holidaymakers to dress as they wish but public beaches often require women to cover up within Doha waters. However, drive far enough out and you may find the rules are much more lax.

With Window To Travel, you can rest assured that we will find the right destinations for your desires. If you want a relaxing beach break that’s free of expectations and rules, we can scan hotels on your behalf and book a holiday ready for you to jet out on a well-deserved break. If a city escape is your style, Doha is filled with luxury of the highest order and can help you immerse in this growing and expanding metropolis right at the height of its development.

For tailor-made holidays to Qatar, look no further than Window To Travel. We will provide a dedicated team to ensure that your bespoke holidays to Qatar are seamless from start to finish. All you have to do is get in touch on 01784 770844, today!

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