Classic Holidays

From time to time, we all deserve a classic holiday. Whether you work full-time in an office or have adopted a hands-on role, a tailor-made classic holiday abroad will provide you with an opportunity to unwind. Whether you’re looking to relax by the pool or explore a new city, here at Window To Travel, our travel experts work closely with our travel partners to ensure you have the holiday of a lifetime. If you’re travelling with people who are unable to sit still for no longer than 10 minutes, you can rest assured that we’ve got you covered. When you book a tailored holiday with Window To Travel, you are guaranteed to be in complete control of every aspect. Whether you’re looking for an all-inclusive resort with multiple activities on offer such as mini golf or are travelling abroad for a hen-do and want to experience a cocktail masterclass, we’ll ensure that your holiday matches your every requirement.

There are several benefits when it comes to booking tailor-made classic holiday abroad. While an all-inclusive package can provide you with ultimate relaxation, especially if you’re looking for all of the food and drink you require in one place, our classic holidays can provide you with so much more. We ensure that every aspect of your holiday is prepared in advance of your trip, with a full itinerary of any excursions and anything else you would like to do also included.

Tailor-Made Classic Holidays Abroad

There are several good reasons to go all inclusive. If you want to relax, find holidays that are of great value for money and have some well-deserved family fun with no hidden extras, tailor-made classic holiday abroad are an excellent option for you. All-inclusive holidays offer a level of luxury no other holiday can. With drinks on tap and snacks available throughout the day, you can truly switch off and sit back.

Why choose us for classic holidays?

Whether you are looking to head abroad in the height of summer, outside of school holidays or have commitments you must attend to throughout the year, you can be certain that we will find holiday dates that fit your schedule.


It doesn’t matter whether you have a question, want to clarify details about your tailor-made classic holiday or would like more input, you can be confident that you will receive holiday travel advice from the experts.


Whether you are planning a spontaneous trip around your budget or simply want to find a cheap holiday this year, our experts and various travel partners will ensure you get the best value for money for your trip.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re an adventure seeker yourself or prefer to watch others fear for their lives partaking in the craziest attractions across the world, our travel experts will find activities suitable for you.


Just because you are going on a classic holiday, it doesn’t mean you have to lack the luxury lifestyle you grew to love. Our collection includes some of the finest hotels from across the globe.

Safety Guarantee

A major benefit of booking a tailor-made classic holiday abroad is that you will be covered by ATOL protection and we can also advise on the most appropriate insurance cover for your trip, too.

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