October 2019

Romantic Destinations In October

Let’s be honest: October is a shock to the system. After a sunny summer – and a mild September – October’s wind, rain and general coldness feels like a slap in the face. So why not swap the just-pulled-from-storage winter coat for a bikini, with a trip to the always-sunny Dominican Republic or one of our other fantastic destinations for you and your special someone to enjoy. With the craziness of the summer fading away, it’s definitely time for some quality time and R&R together (if that’s what you like) in one of our romantic destinations around the world.

Some tropical, winter sun – fresh food and friendly locals guaranteed…

October is when the Dominican Republic’s wet season comes to an end, so there may be some wind but there’s unlikely to be rainfall – just temperatures of around 30 degrees Celsius in the day, and in the low twenties by the evening. As it is technically ‘off season’, prices will be cheaper, too. The Dominican Republic is one of our favourite romantic destinations in October for many reasons. The food is extremely fresh and tasty, the locals are lovely and welcoming, the sea waters are crystal clear, you can take part in incredible, tropical activities, and the light wind provides a pleasant respite to the morning heat – although it’s a little further away, everything about the Dominican Republic is perfect for a romantic getaway, when the beaches are just for the two of you.

Our personal favourite is the ever-popular Punta Cana, where you can horseback ride on the beach, snorkel and discover the sea’s tropical wildlife, or simply relax by the pool and bring a tan back home that all your friends will be jealous of.

Gorgeous weather and incredible culture, with a ‘city break’ feel…

One of the best times to visit the United Arab Emirates is October, where the weather is blissfully hot, but not as scorching as the summer months (temperatures rise so much outside exploring becomes virtually impossible). Visit Dubai or Abu Dhabi for the most unique travel experiences; one moment you’re exploring a breath-taking, sacred mosque, or roaming the desert so vast and untouched it seems like it’s in a movie, and the next you’re sunbathing under a sky scraper, or shopping the most luxurious brands available at one of the many vast, designer malls.

The United Arab Emirates truly has activities for everyone, so even if you and your partner have very different tastes, you can definitely take part in a multitude of things throughout your time there. And once you’re done exploring, shopping, or soaking up the culture, there are beautifully crafted, manmade beaches for you to relax on. Due to the high volume of tourism in the area, the service in the United Arab Emirates is second to none; indulge in a luxurious buffet brunch, or relax with gorgeous cocktails – you’ll be made to feel special wherever you go, making the United Arab Emirates one of the perfect romantic destinations in October.

Stroll the cobblestones and indulge in good food & wine…

While nowhere in Europe in October is going to be sunbathing weather, you can still extend the late August weather you crave by visiting Rome, where temperatures average about 23 degrees. Rome’s romantic nature is no secret – from the cobblestone floors, to the ancient architecture, to the luxurious, indulgent food served at the intimate trattorias – it’s hard not to feel a little loved up roaming (pun unintended) the capital. There’s so much more to Italy than just eating and sightseeing – why not go one step further and extend your Italian holiday, cruising around the Mediterranean Sea in the sun, or stopping off to explore the icy mountains in the North – Italy is truly a diverse country with so much to do for every type of traveller, but with Rome at its capital, you can guarantee it to be the best destination for romantic getaways Europe in October.

Soak up the Hollywood glamour…

For some glitz, glamour and – of course – romance, why not pay Hollywood a visit? October is actually one of the best times to visit LA, as the days are – while still hot – cooler and less humid, and the Summer crowds have dissipated, making it feel a lot less intimidating, and you really have space to explore. LA comes alive at night, and there are plenty of incredible singers, bands, stand up comedians and even museum and gallery evenings to enjoy. During the day, take in California’s amazing beaches, indulge in some shopping at the incredible boutiques on famous Rodeo Drive, take pictures on the Walk of Fame, eat at some of the trendy, Instagram famous restaurants and cafes you’ve seen all over the web, take a hike in the hills of Griffith Park (and check out the Hollywood Sign!), be a big kid at Universal Studios, and maybe even take a famously Californian fitness class! Whether you want to chill out and switch off or get lost in day-to-night life, LA really is an incredible choice for romantic destinations in October – the options really are endless.

White sands and warm waters…

Incredible, private villas, no one else as far as the eye can see, hot sun, warm waters and pure, untainted beaches – where could be more romantic than the Maldives? The island tranquillity of the Maldives – combined with the 29-degree weather – makes it one of the most perfect romantic destinations in October. The Maldives are one of the most romantic islands in the world – from the privacy of your own secluded villa, to the gentle breeze, incredible wildlife and vegetation, world class spas and restaurants, and completely relaxed atmosphere – you can see why it’s one of the world’s most popular spots for weddings and honeymoons alike. But even if you’re not making your nuptials known quite yet, the Maldives is still an incredibly romantic destination for an October getaway – if total relaxation and a taste of island life is what you’re looking for, it truly doesn’t get better.

Still not sure where you and your partner should go away, or looking for the perfect romantic destinations in October tailored to you and your hobbies? Then feel free to get in contact with Window To Travel – we specialise in bespoke holidays and planned itineraries, and do all the work for you – so your only job is to relax. Contact us to start your tailor made romantic holiday dream come to life.