Bespoke Holidays To Jamaica

An island set amongst the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica attracts millions of tourists year on year thanks to its spectacular beaches, crystal blue waters and enviable climate, a trio of traits you’ll soon enjoy on your break to Jamaica.

If that wasn’t enough, another motivation to travel to Jamaica is the fantastic cuisine. Both exotic and delicious, the Caribbean island created jerk chicken, popularised beef patties and introduced the world to Ackee and Saltfish, its national dish, all of which you can try during your bespoke holidays to Jamaica.

A visit to Jamaica wouldn’t be complete without paying tribute to the country’s most renowned reggae artist, Bob Marley. The Bob Marley Museum is the former home of the reggae legend and is filled with treasured mementoes from his career, including a vast array of platinum records and even his Grammy Lifetime Achievement award, all of which help to preserve the memory of the outstanding musician.

If exploring the deep blue sea appeals to you, Jamaica has a wide range of water sports and activities for you to experience. Ranging from snorkelling and scuba diving to surfing and even swimming with horses – yes horses – there’s plenty of enjoyment to be had in the water during bespoke holidays to Jamaica.

Tailor-Made Holidays To Jamaica

On your tailor-made holidays to Jamaica, you can recreate the lifestyle of the famous Jamaican bobsleigh team who inspired Cool Runnings (1993) – though, of course, you’ll do it in slightly warmer conditions. Set in the Mystic Mountain Adventure Park, you and three friends can bobsled through the Ocho Rios Mountains in a four-man runner.

If golfing is more your thing, Jamaica is home to some of the finest courses in the world, the most famous being Half Moon Golf Course on Montego Bay, situated in a major shipping port, so while you play a quick 18 and try to chip off your handicap, you’ll do so right by the Caribbean sea.

The Jamaican people are known for their welcoming nature, so you’ll never feel alone or like a stranger. No matter the community you find yourself in, they’re so affable, in fact, that you can even board with a family as your accommodation opposed to an expensive hotel or resort.

At Window to Travel, we design your holiday around you. Listening to any desires, requirements or ideas you might have, we’ll do all the legwork for you, booking the relevant accommodation, flights and activities so you can relax safe in the knowledge your dream holiday is just around the corner.

For a truly unique experience and an escape from the mundane, book one of our tailor-made holidays to Jamaica today. If you’d like to find out more information about Window to Travel’s travel management services, contact one of our expert team by filling in the form or by calling 01784 770844, today.

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