December 2019

Beginners Guide To Kenya

Kenya, renowned for its dramatic and diverse scenes, this dream destination never comes short of impressing and delivering. Renowned for its safaris, Kenya has more to it than being home to a high percentage of our worlds’ animals; you can visit Mount Kenya for snowy peaks, Mombasa to walk along the stretched white sand beaches, or even explore Lamu and its tropical paradise.

Without a doubt, this country will blow your breath away, giving you memories, you will cherish for a lifetime. Despite being full of diversity, you cannot visit Kenya and not make the most of the safaris available. In this guide to Kenya, you can find the best ways to explore the country, as well as discover which places to visit in Kenya during your trip.

Private Safaris In Kenya

When booking your trip of a lifetime to Kenya, you want to make sure that you get the most out of your trip, which is why we recommend that you book a private safari. This trip is defined as private, as you will get your own transport, either in a 4×4 Jeep or pop up Tour Minivan, as well as a dedicated driver or guide, who will accompany you on your adventure and answer any questions you may have. The majority of safaris will start or end in Malindi beach, Diani, Nairobi or Mombasa and stop at National Parks and tourist attractions during the trip. Not only does a private safari trip allow you to see the beautiful animals, but the breath-taking views and tribes that you won’t be able to see anywhere else in the world.

You can opt for either a short safari trip, which can last up to three days or a longer safari that can last up to twelve days. The destinations and length of these trips will depend on the company that you choose to go on your private safari with. What’s more, if you choose a private safari then you can opt to have a bespoke guide to Kenya, in which you choose priority places you wish to visit and things you want to do.

Additionally, the majority of private safaris will include accommodation, meals and plenty of water to keep you hydrated during your trip, so all you need to think about is getting the best photos! Depending on the company that you choose to go with, will determine the areas of the country that you will discover. From the Tsavo West National Park to the Samburu Game Reserve and Lake Nakuru, there are so many attractions and game-viewing spots for you to see.

Landmarks In Kenya

As well as private safaris, we thought we would include some popular landmarks to visit in our guide to Kenya. As previously mentioned, Lamu Island, found North East of Mombasa, is a World Heritage Site, so it’s not one to miss! Lamu Old Town is the oldest continually inhabited settlement and dates back as far as the 12th Century. Tourists that visit here describe it as stepping back in time, as more donkeys than motorised vehicles will be found on the streets.

A trip to Kenya wouldn’t be complete without taking time to visit the capital, Nairobi. With many tourist attractions, including the Nairobi National Museum and Nairobi National Park that is now a black rhino sanctuary, you don’t need to go far to discover the history or even see the wildlife that live in Kenya.

Renowned as being a tourist magnet, Mombassa is the second biggest city, as well as the largest port in Kenya. The 16th Century Fort Jesus and Old Town that has souvenir shops, markets and narrow streets, is any history-lover’s heaven! On the North shore of Mombassa, you can find bustling attractions, including cinemas, restaurants and a Go-Kart track, which provides fun for all ages. It’s hard to blend a cultural holiday so well with some adventure and relaxation, but if you follow our guide to Kenya, you are sure to enjoy everything this amazing land has to offer.

Places To Visit In Kenya

If you are looking for other stunning places to visit in Kenya, you don’t need to look further than our guide to Kenya.

Situated over the River Tsavo, the city Tsavo is home to the Mzima Springs, where you can spot hippos and crocodiles wallowing in the water. These springs are found in the Tsavo East National Park and make for the perfect photo opportunity! The Tsavo East National Park itself is known for being one of the oldest parks, as well as the largest in Kenya. If you want to see plenty of wildlife in their national environment, then this park should be on your list of places to visit in Kenya. Attractions in the park include Aruba Dam, Lugard Falls and Yatta Plateau.

Narok, three hours West of Nairobi, is the capital of the Mara Region, Nairobi. From the Mau Forest to the Narok Museum, Maasai Mara, Mara Naboisho Conservancy and Mara Triangle, this crumbling provincial town can offer tourists somewhere to unwind. Found in the Cherangani Hills, Eldoret is a paradise, where everything is a natural beauty. Here you can visit the Hindu Temple, the Rift Valley, Mount Elgon National Park and even Kapkuro Bandas.

Why Visit Kenya?

If you are looking for a trip packed full of adventure, stunning scenery, culture and history, these places to visit in Kenya are just the tip of the ice berg. This holiday of a lifetime will allow you to see the assorted wildlife like you’ve never seen before in the reserves and national parks across the country, as well experience private conservancies on horseback or camel. Get to know the tribes and be taught about their fascinating culture, as you travel around the country. If you want to truly relax during your trip, you can escape to the turquoise waters, isolated islands and white sand beaches on islands such as Funzi that takes you away from your hectic life.

Not only is Kenya well-known for its wildlife safaris, you can immerse yourself in the underwater world, as you snorkel and dive into the colourful coral wilderness! Whether you are a confident scuba diver, or a complete beginner, you can enjoy the clear waters and the beautiful world in the ocean. Luxury holidays even in this remote area of the world are the best way to experience it all, without compromise. As you can see from our guide to Kenya, there are so many places to visit in Kenya and sights that will take your breath away. If you would like more information about planning your trip to this amazing country, get in touch with our team of experts.