Bespoke Holidays to the Indian Subcontinent

Marvel at the majestic Taj Mahal, embrace the hustle and bustle of Mumbai, or relax on some of the world’s most stunning beaches in the Maldives with a bespoke holiday to the Indian subcontinent. Tradition, spirituality and a zest for life are key elements in the Indian subcontinent. Made up of Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives and Nepal, the Indian Subcontinent has a huge amount to offer its visitors. From historical monuments that classify as new Wonders of the World, to exotic wildlife which sit within touching distance, the Indian subcontinent offers culture, nature and relaxation in one package.

Whether you’re looking for amazing nightlife in Goa, or trekking opportunities with breathtaking Himalayan peaks where you can spot Mount Everest towering into the sky in Nepal, the Indian subcontinent has it all. Here at Window To Travel, we offer bespoke holidays to the Indian Subcontinent which are tailored entirely to your exact requirements. The subcontinent is diverse, with many corners remaining untouched by tourism helping to ensure you experience an authentic adventure and exploration opportunity.

Experience the chaos of Katmandu, partake in yoga at The Ganges, or visit the bustling fish market in Malé, with a bespoke holiday to the Indian Subcontinent, arranged by Window To Travel.

Tailor-Made Indian Subcontinent Holidays

With help from Window To Travel, you can arrange your adventure, your way. We can provide you with all of the information that you require, in order to ensure that your next holiday to the Indian Subcontinent remains entirely tailor-made to you. Whether you want to linger a little longer in a specific destination than a pre-planned tour will allow, or if there’s an area off the beaten track that you cannot find access to with a traditional holiday operator, at Window To Travel, we can help you to visit every corner of the Indian Subcontinent in your way. With us, you can benefit from a one-of-a-kind holiday, which allows you to benefit from flexibility, expertise and itineraries which are all planned out for you, dictated by your preferences.

Whether you want to celebrate your birthday in the Himalayas, or you want your family to experience the luxury of the Maldives, our tailor-made Indian subcontinent holidays are designed to match your specifications entirely.

Bangladesh – A rich culture full of welcoming people, Bangladesh offers a holiday experience like no other.

Bhutan – Mysterious and magical, Bhutan’s traditional culture holds a number of surprises for tourists. The perfect blend of ancient and modern cultures.

India – Culinary masterpieces, ancient traditions, bustling cities and diverse landscapes makes India the perfect addition to your bucket list.

Maldives – Bask in unrivalled luxury in this tropical paradise when you visit the Maldives: the world’s underwater playground.

Nepal – Charm and nature intertwine to make Nepal a backpacker’s heaven. Experience a slower pace of life and marvel at hidden temple art in this diverse destination.

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