October 2019

Unique Winter Holiday

Winter holidays tend to fall into one of two categories: skiing or winter sun. Whilst we’re a big fan of both we also know that when you are looking to escape because the days are short and unpleasant, your holiday should be completely tailored to you. We have compiled a list of unique winter holidays that have the best of everything; winter weather as well as loads more to see and do, depending on the speed and style of getaway you’re after.


Canada is a world of untouched landscapes and insane views, ready for you to enjoy and gawp at. Visiting Canada during the winter is truly like entering another world, with an abundance of snowy activities and incredible experiences, whether you’re headed to the cities, mountains or ski parks.

Unlike winter in the UK, Canadian air is crisp, clean and invigorating when it snows. The best way to explore this amazing country is on a road trip, if you are not comfortable driving the roads in the winter, you can enquire about bespoke Canadian holidays to customise your holiday and ensure you get around to everything you want to see. On your travels you can see land-wildlife like no other; moose, caribou, bears and so much more. If you are interested in an extended road trip, we recommend travelling in land from either coast and make sure to check off sights like Jasper National Park and Banff National Park, a couple of hours outside Calgary.

This unique winter holiday destination can of course also accommodate those travellers looking for a more traditional winter getaway; Canadian ski resorts are amongst some of the best in the world, largely due to the quality of the snowfall, but accommodations, bars and restaurants are also renowned for being utterly unreal.

Canada has more world-class sights than people seem to remember, from the north rim of Niagara Falls to the epic coast of Vancouver as well as an iconic interior landscape. When you’re tired of hiking in the Rockies and snapping shots of glaciers, re-fuel and enjoy Canada’s hearty cuisine.

In Vancouver, you’re only a couple of hours away from the Seattle in the USA and in Toronto you’re a short ride from upstate New York. Why not extend your trip and explore North American metropolises, too?

Tallinn & Helsinki

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia; the small city is steeped in culture and offers a quaint and intriguing experience to all it’s visitors. Thousands flock to the city in the summer for their array of musical festivals and to enjoy the traditional drinking culture. However, the cobblestone streets are less crowded in the wintertime and all the attractions are still available to see, including the TV tower, awesome national museums and theatres. Food and eating in Tallinn is also an activity in itself, renowned restaurants such as those found in the restored railway buildings known as F Hoone or at Umami are fantastic winter warmers.

The thing that makes Tallinn a unique winter holiday, is that you can experience two cultures in one. Estonia and Finland are only separated by a thin stretch of water, but the cities are quite different. Helsinki offers much loved UNESCO world heritage sights and the opportunity for once in a life time day trips. This unique winter holiday destination is well equipped for the cold weather and the famous Kauppatori market is open all year round for visitors to enjoy and explore.

Alaskan Cruise

This is perhaps our most relaxed on the list but can still be an action-packed adventure if you want it to be. Bask in the other worldly surroundings from the deck of the cruiser and witness glaciers, icebergs and the rugged coastal landscape of this natural and beautiful place. This unique winter holiday presents you with the opportunity to spot cold water whales breaching the ice and other fantastic wildlife native to this diverse and epic landscape, all of which can be enjoyed with a drink in hand.

Bespoke winter holidays in Alaska don’t just have to be contained to the cruise ship; the northernmost state’s interior is just as stunning; with sparkling snow, magical mountains and so much more to enjoy and explore. Activities in Alaska can be as leisurely or as high impact as you want; dog sled in the morning and chill out in the spa in the evening. Whatever you want to get up to, this unique winter holiday is the perfect balance of epic, icy climes and cosy atmosphere.


Looking for a unique winter holiday a little closer to home? Bespoke Iceland holidays are excellent for a shorter trip. In the winter, Iceland’s temperatures drop and hover around the freezing point, but most accommodations are fully equipped to handle that, prioritising deluxe comfort and welcoming vibes, even in the most contemporary of hotels.

Iceland has more to offer than its famous landscapes, even though they are well worth the visit. Check out day trips to the north to see the spectacular show of the northern lights, or a boat trip to spot cold water wildlife or opt in for a rugged adventure, hiking up glaciers and checking out active volcanoes. However, if that is not your scene or you want a unique winter holiday that allows you to balance serenity with exploration, Iceland also has plentiful spas, including the geothermal Blue Lagoon and hot springs. These infamous spots allow travellers to visit and enjoy activities unique to the country whilst enjoying a slow, leisurely break.

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with your options for unique winter holiday and just want a holiday that’s completely tailored to you, get in touch with the team here at Window To Travel. We are able to organise bespoke holidays, wherever you want to go.