Bespoke Holidays to Canada

Vibrant, culture-rich, historical and natural, Canada is a diverse holiday destination that truly offers something unique to every taste. Towering mountains erupt from the ground in ragged, rocky formations while glimmering glaciers shine bright in cold seas, waiting to be marvelled by passing travellers. Canadian cities never sleep, whether basked in warm sunshine or frosted over with deep snows. Soaring skyscrapers stretch high over the skyline, especially in the likes of Toronto and Quebec, but if you’d prefer to keep your eyes and feet a little lower, there’s art, culture and a whole wealth of music to explore in the meantime.

If you’re an avid lover of tranquillity and the charm of a waterfall, the breathtaking Niagara Falls is a must-see. Far more than a simple trickle, this beast of a sight may leave you a little damp, but with such a magnificent and awe-inspiring sight before you, a little water is a comfortable price to pay. Shared with the USA, this towering 51m series of three waterfalls will even allow you to touch down on American soil during a Canadian trip of a lifetime.

Whether a city dweller seeking out the hustle and bustle of Canada’s finest metropolises, or a country bumpkin wanting to set your eyes on some enriching and incredible expansive views, our bespoke holidays to Canada will make sure you see everything you could dream of without having to make a single compromise. Simply get in touch with our dedicated team and we’ll take your budget and desires into consideration to craft tailor-made holidays to Canada for you.

Tailor-Made Holidays To Canada

From South to North, Canada’s diverse nature gives you front-row access to an eco-system worthy of marvel. From grizzly bears, coyotes and the Canadian goose in warmer climates, to the likes of the Canadian lynx, polar bears and, of course, moose in the colder, northern-most areas, there are plenty of incredible species you could spot on your travels. Don’t look down for too long, however – in the most northern parts of Canada, you could very well get a glimpse of the famed Northern Lights, stretching across deep skies and shining over the country’s most incredible countryside spots.

From the Rocky Mountains to the Calgary Stampede, exploring this vast country with one of our tailor-made holidays to Canada will ensure you get to see everything you want to see during your trip. Whether you want a simple city break or you’re looking for a more traditional classic holiday, here at Window To Travel we specialise in bespoke holidays to Canada that suit your every need. All you have to do is set yourself a price range, get in touch and provide us with information regarding where you want to go and what you want to do. We’ll provide a full travel management service to ensure that your Canadian adventure goes off without a hitch.

Whether you’re looking to visit the capital of Vancouver for true Canadian culture, or you want to immerse in all things fantastical with some of the best natural wonders in the world, contact us today on 01784 770844 for tailor-made holidays to Canada.

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