Group Tour Holidays

Group tours are a growing trend in travel, and one that is gathering momentum each day. There are a number of various benefits associated with groups tour holidays, not least including their affordability. Travelling as a group can be much more fun than travelling alone and being surrounded by like-minded individuals will encourage you to partake in a number of activities and sightseeing tours you may have never considered embarking on before. With the freedom to head off on your own if you prefer, your group tour holiday is truly in your hands.

With Window To Travel, you have someone to show you the way. While travelling solo can have its perks in some instances, by going on a group tour holiday, you’re not the only one who is responsible for finding accommodation, arranging transport and identifying the best restaurants in the surrounding area. With the opportunity to make instant friends, we actively encourage lone travellers to join a group tour holiday. Find out more about the benefits of these breaks, below.

Tailor Made Group Tours

While some of us dare to go it alone, others prefer the company of travelling as a group. Either way, a group tour holiday is an excellent option. Not only will you get the opportunity to explore the hidden gems of your chosen destination alongside likeminded people, but you will also get the chance to embark on your own ventures should you wish. With the best of both worlds at your fingertips, it’s no wonder that group tour holidays have risen in popularity.

Why choose us for group tours and holidays?

Whilst holidays aren’t always about sticking to an itinerary, we take your busy work schedule into consideration when planning your bespoke group tour holiday.


With more than 50+ overseas destinations to choose from, deciding where to go on your next holiday can be challenging, but our experts can give you the information you need.


For many, the cost of a holiday is what stops them from making a booking. Here, you can be confident that we will find the best deals available to you at the time of booking.


Whether you are looking for a boozy break, a romantic week in the Maldives or a family-friendly round trip, you can be confident that we will find activities suitable for you and your group.


You deserve a little luxury in your life, and so our travel experts will pick out the best options that offer delight to allow you to truly escape home life.


Many of us fear what would happen if we became stranded abroad. With Window To Travel, you can travel with confidence with the knowledge that all of our tailor-made holidays are ATOL protected.

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