Bespoke Holidays to Africa

Home to towering pyramids, glistening coastlines and incredible wildlife, Africa has a bit of everything. It’s truly filled with enchanting sights, sounds and smells to suit every taste, so your perfect holiday is just around the corner. You could choose a trip to Egypt and stand in the shadow of the colossal creations that are the ancient Egyptian pyramids, before taking a cruise down the Nile and relaxing on the riverbanks (although watch out for the crocodiles and hippos!).

Alternatively, Kenya will give you access to an incredible array of wildlife, from big cats to crocodiles. A safari will take you through rolling plains of the Serengeti and along extensive lakes all while giving you the opportunity to spot one of the ‘big five’ in the form of lions, rhinos, elephants, cape buffalo and leopards. Meanwhile South Africa could take you through Cape Town’s famous Winelands and through the stunning Kruger National Park, not to mention rugged landscapes that make the perfect photo opportunity. Fancy rock climbing up Table Mountain? We can cater for that, too!

We even organise trips to Madagascar. Nature lovers will adore immersing themselves in the sheer beauty of this island, from its ancient flora to incredible landscapes featuring rice fields and island beaches. You could even opt for swimming with the array of marine life amongst uniquely coloured coral reefs and explore the caverns and coves along the country’s untouched beaches.

Whatever part of Africa you choose to visit, you’re guaranteed a memorable trip regardless.

Tailor-Made African Holidays

Bask in glorious sunshine while exploring all of the wonder Africa has to offer.

Whatever part of Africa you choose to visit, we’ll ensure that you have a seamless trip from start to finish. All you have to do is choose your destination, what you’d like to do while you’re away and when you want to go and we’ll handle all of the bookings for you. Whether you’re looking for a beach holiday, an art and culture trip, a cruise, a safari or something else completely, we have a variety of trusted travel partners on hand to provide you with the holiday that you really want. A visit to Africa is almost guaranteed to be a memorable one regardless of where you choose to go, but rest assured that we’ll do everything required to make sure that it’s memorable in all the right ways.

From white sandy beaches to some of the world’s best natural wonders, Africa plays host to it all. If you’re looking for a diverse trip to write home about, we can tailor your holiday bookings to suit you. We’ll make sure that everything from the travel to your destination to the activities you embark on while abroad are all booked and ready to go in time for your departure date so make sure you request that safari! To make an enquiry, fill in our form below or get in touch with us on 01784 770844 today for more information!

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