Bespoke Holidays To Morocco

With an average temperature of 29°C during peak season in July, the enviable climate is just one of the many attributes that make Morocco one of the best-loved countries in Northern Africa. With beaches that line both the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, stretching as far as 1200 miles long, you’re sure to find a paradise that suits you. Ranging from remote coves to water sport orientated coastal towns, Morocco’s variety of beaches almost rivals the variation in its local cuisine.

Before you’re even seated in a Moroccan eatery, you’ll likely smell the spices of the Arabic, Andalusian and Mediterranean inspired delicacies, the most famous of which is Chicken Bastilla. This is Morocco’s twist on the savoury pie, filled with chicken seasoned with saffron, ginger, pepper and cinnamon before being cooked in a crispy warqa brick pastry and served alongside an omelette.

Once you’ve sourced the local cuisine, the next stop during your bespoke holidays to Morocco will be to venture into one of the many mountain ranges in the North African country. The Rif Mountains are particularly awe-inspiring, with grand views spanning miles in every direction. Although they don’t have the highest summit in Morocco, they are home to a number of stunning forests and caves for you to explore and there are even guides and available for those with limited experience.

Tailor-Made Holidays To Morocco

Explore the dusty terrain of the famous Sahara desert during your holiday to Morocco.

Window to Travel’s tailor-made holidays to Morocco also offer excursions to the famous Sahara desert. Giving you the choice between 4×4 rides or more leisurely camel tours, you’ll either be taken through the desert villages via sandy roads or a more scenic route, where you’ll traverse the dunes with a guide. Either way, you will have the choice to camp in the desert, where you can fall asleep below the expansive starry night sky.

Our bespoke holidays to Morocco also allow for an abundance of unfamiliar but comfortable accommodation you can stay in. Sporting architecture inspired by French, Spanish and Islamic cultures, many of the Moroccan hotel’s walls are decorated with elaborate patterns, ornamental quotes and beautiful mosaics for you to marvel at during your trip.

As for how Window to Travel organises each of your bespoke holidays to Morocco, all you have to do is fill in our enquiry form with any ideas or plans you’d like to do on your trip. From here, we will use this information and create an itinerary tailored entirely for you. We will also take into account the duration of your stay, as well as where you’re flying from, so we can budget your tailor-made holiday to Morocco appropriately. Get in touch on 01784 770844 or more information or to book your holiday, today.

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