Bespoke Holidays To North USA

Home to some of the most widely recognised attractions in the world, the northern states in the USA are filled to bursting point with opportunities for memorable breaks worthy of writing home about. Start your holiday in sun-kissed style with the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. You’ll get not only a taste of pure patriotism with the faces of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington peering down at you, but this incredible monument is situated right in the midst of an adventure hub, with an abundance of wildlife and unique hikes to enjoy. Head further north towards Canada and marvel the spectacular Niagara Falls, the most dramatic waterfall in the world with the highest flow rate to match – just prepare to get a little wet!

Venture away from the natural beauty and explore food, shopping, art and culture in North USA’s greatest cities. Seattle is home to not only the Space Needle, stretching far above your head and offering a breathtaking view at the top but also to the tallest climbing wall in the world for the adventurous and sporty amongst you. Chicago is more than just the Lincoln Park Zoo – take a spin and a whirl on charming carnival rides on Navy Pier, or head 1,000 feet into their air through the John Hancock centre for access to some of the most incredible views in the entire city.

Of course, no tailor-made holidays to USA North would ever be complete without New York City. This magnificent metropolis is home to Broadway and Times Square, lit up in vibrant colour day or night, enriching a simple city break with a truly memorable sight. Take a stroll through city streets and indulge in a spot of shopping. Grab a bite to eat at some of New York’s best eateries with anything from a sizeable slice of pepperoni pizza, to a five-star gourmet delicacy by the country’s leading chefs. Stop by the dock for a glimpse at the Statue of Liberty herself, before finishing off the day with a highly acclaimed Broadway show for a holiday treat to remember.


Tailor-Made Holidays To USA North

Northern USA is well-renowned for its incredible history, culture, natural parks and so much more. This vast region is not only home to the president of the USA but is the proud host of Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park and Badlands National Park. The country is famed for the beauty of its parks and the sheer size of each offers apt opportunity to indulge in a long, expansive road trip through each and every one.

Yellowstone has everything from bears and bison, to wolves and more, all wandering amongst a vast expanse of mountains, volcanic pools, canyons and waterfalls. Glacier National Park offers a more chilled experience in every sense of the word, with stargazing opportunities not to be missed, alpine meadows to meander through and rugged peaks. If a desert paradise is more your style, Badlands National Park has stark yellow terrain, bighorn sheep and prairie dogs too!

Come city or natural beauty, tailor-made holidays to USA North offer you the chance to truly experience the best that the country has to offer. Sightsee or explore off the beaten track and find some hidden gems of your own – we’ll help you with your travel management at every step of the way. For your very own bespoke holidays to North USA, simply get in touch with our expert team on 01784 770844, today.

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