Bespoke Holidays To Finland

Finland is a fusion of culinary excellence, modern design, and sheer beauty. It is one of the most underrated destinations in the world, which is why we have a team of experts on hand to create the most amazing and memorable bespoke holidays to Finland. From hiking and snowmobiling to designer shopping and music festivals, there are so many events and activities going on here, and we can help you to plan a holiday that is entirely catered to your tastes.

Tailor-Made Holidays Finland

One of the best things about bespoke holidays to Finland is the fact that you can choose the attractions you want to visit and the activities you want to enjoy. You’re not restricted in terms of this, so you can truly have the holiday of your dreams. There are so many great places to visit in Finland, so we have hand-selected a few that we love the most:

Holidays are all about those once in a lifetime experiences, right? And, how often do you get to sleep in a glass igloo? Finland is a land of stark contrasts. In the winter, it’s dark and cold, but there is the opportunity to witness the majestic Northern Lights. There is also the chance to be at one with nature by sleeping in a glass igloo or cottage. For the full winter experience, you can even ride a husky or reindeer sleigh. This is perfect for those that are looking to travel in the holidays as this provides the perfect amount of festive spirit.

There are a number of different Unesco World Heritage sites in Finland. One is natural and six are cultural. We recommend Suomenlinna for history fans, as this is a unique monument of military architecture. You will love exploring the old dungeons and fortresses here.

There are a number of old wooden districts in Finland. Vallila and Kapyla are good places to start, and you can see rows of stunning wood houses built hundreds of years ago.

Did you know that Finland’s coast has the biggest archipelago in the world? We recommend visiting Bengtskar, and you can access this island via boat during the summer months. You will also find six keeper’s rooms in the lighthouse, which you can stay in. As you can imagine, these rooms are in high demand, so the sooner you start planning your holiday, the better.

Here at Window To Travel, we are experts in creating bespoke holidays to Finland that are fully catered to your wishes. This ensures you can incorporate as many attractions and activities as you wish. We have a team on hand who are experts in creating tailor-made holidays to Finland and other amazing locations around the world, so you can be sure you are in the best possible hands. For more information or to book your trip, get in touch on 01784 770844, today.

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