Bespoke Holidays To Puerto Rico

After weathering two tropical storms in 2017, Puerto Rico still stands strong as one of the most unique and relaxing destinations for your next escape. With an abundance of natural treasures, thrilling water sports and vibrant cities, this nation has everything you need, covered.

The weather stays comfortably warm all throughout the year, meaning winter getaways or long summer vacations are equally as popular here. The Caribbean climate means you can spend endless days lounging across idyllic beaches and anyone that enjoys swimming will be thrilled to hear that there is plenty of opportunity to lounge in glowing waters. This can be done in any of the Bioluminescent bays across the country, the best of which are found at Vieques, Fajardo, and La Parguera.

Rich diversity is plentiful here, with rainforests, beaches, waterfalls, cities and adventure all right there on your doorstep. The Spanish architecture is the ideal port of call for any history lover; the Raices Fountain at Paseo de la Princesa is a tranquil starting point, where you can not only enjoy the trickle of water from the detailed bronze statues but the view of the ocean just behind. The San Juan Bautista Cathedral is another historical treasure, despite being rebuilt on numerous occasions. A mix of different times and cultures, this church is a stunning insight into religion in Puerto Rico over the years.

For food lovers, you’ll want to snap up any chance to try the nation’s cuisine. It is widely regarded as some of the best from around the world; everything is fresh and traditionally prepared, giving you the ultimate in unique flavours. Puerto Rico has always prided itself on the rich selection of seafood, which draws inspiration from the ancient Taino people from the Caribbean – it’s certainly worth a try when you travel here on your next break.

When travelling with our bespoke holidays to Puerto Rico, you can choose to travel at the heart of one of the vibrant festivals taking place here. Almost every weekend, there will be a festival to enjoy, but some of the key events include the colourful San Sebastian Street Festival and the Bustling Saboea Puerto Rico Festival. Regardless, any lover of a good party will revel in the incredible festivities that take place, where people will dress up in colourful outfits, play native music, and create a unique cultural atmosphere for locals and visitors alike.

Tailor-Made Holidays To Puerto Rico

Travelling this country’s lively streets will always ensure your wanderlust is sated and with tailor-made holidays to Puerto Rico will ensure you enjoy each and every part of it. We’ll take your heart’s desires into account, putting together a bespoke package to make sure you get to see it all. If you’re eager to get going and want to put together effective tailor-made holidays to Puerto Rico, we are always the firm choice in getting the deals and packages you most desire.

We use our valuable long-standing partnerships with trusted holiday operators, which include both Premier Holidays and Mercury Holidays, to put together the holiday package of your dreams, ensuring you’re never left without seeing everything you want to see.

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