Skiing Trips to Méribel, France

Little England on the Alps is as charming as its quaint nickname suggests, full to bursting point with breathtaking views, traditional cabin architecture and deep forests that wouldn’t look out of place in a fairytale. Book your very own wooden chalet for your visit and indulge in subtle elegance as you explore one of the Three Valleys vast areas. Skiing for sport is commonplace here, but a simple holiday escape is equally so, with varied terrain to cater to every skill level so you can truly escape and indulge in exciting days and tranquil evenings without a moment’s stress to combat. With over 10km worth of accommodation, restaurants and cafes to enjoy and horse-sleigh tours offering a truly romantic way to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, you’ll never be short on things to do.

With skiing trips to Méribel, you’ll be truly indulging in some incredible skiing, a sporty yet quintessential village atmosphere and plentiful food and treats to keep yourself warm on cold, snowy nights. Contact us for your dedicated, bespoke travel management, today.

What Makes Méribel Special?

When embarking on skiing trips to Méribel, you’ll be treated to a village atmosphere that the other two valleys are in envy of. But worry not – despite its comfortable, village-esque nature, you won’t have to give up on luxury or quality. In fact, Méribel holds the same esteem as its counterparts, offering you a truly indulgent trip from the moment you step off the plane. Holidaymakers and sportsmen and women alike will feel at home here, with a variation of extensive slopes, quaint architecture and an ideal location with everything you need right at your doorstep. Access to sports equipment, bakeries, cafes, British stores and even a small market on the Route de la Chaudanne, you’re spoiled for shopping opportunities. What’s more, the Olympic centre is still open for use, with pools, water slides, climbing walls, indoor ice rink and even a spa to truly allow you to treat yourself if you’re craving a break from the slopes.

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