Bespoke Holidays To Budapest

Comprised of the two islands, Buda and Pest, sitting comfortably either side of the Danube River, Hungary’s great capital plays host to a unique mixture of historic eras. Stroll the sun-kissed streets for a glimpse at Roman life, Celtic influence and even Ottoman ruling as you pass unique architecture, sample delicious foods and let the city tell its own historical story. The Chain Bridge offers a 19th century crossing between the two islands, while Castle Hill offers cobblestone streets that wind and weave around baroque architecture at its finest. The Buda Castle still stands proudly despite the interior lacking the grandeur it held before WWII, though a trip to the Gothic parliament building will bring you face to face with the Hungarian crown jewels. Bespoke holidays to Budapest can ensure you see every part of this incredible city, from the historical architecture to the youthful vein that runs right throughout.

Relax in style on your tailor-made holidays to Budapest and visit one of the many thermal spas located here in the ‘City of Baths’. The Turkish baths offer a refreshing and revitalising dip into warm, thermal waters with most open to the public. If you’re seeking something to give you a bit more of an insight into Hungary’s history, the House Of Terror is just one of Budapest’s great museums, offering tribute to victims of previous terror regimes. History fans will get a raw, real insight into what life was like throughout the communist and fascist regimes, unlike anything found in a history book.

Tailor-Made Holidays To Budapest

Our bespoke holidays to Budapest are tailored entirely to you and your every wish. Whether you want to spend the entire holiday exploring Hungary’s greatest history, or you’re drawn in by the incredible architecture and mouth-watering cuisine available here, we’ll put together a holiday to suit. To book your holiday to Budapest through our team here at Window To Travel, simply get in touch with us on 01784 770844 today!

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