Bespoke Holidays To Venice

The true epitome of Italian romance, Venice is a city guaranteed to dazzle you with its sheer beauty. Classic architecture sits proudly amongst winding waterways, offering an unmissable opportunity to travel in style. The turquoise waters are frequented by gondolas, inviting you along for a romantic ramble amongst architectural magnificence. Marble buildings grace every corner, with a hidden art scene offering a contemporary twist to an otherwise traditionally-Italian destination. Sip on rich coffee or treat yourself to a glass of prosecco as you wander around the vast squares filled with shops, cafes, restaurants and more for you to sample at your leisure. With tailor-made holidays to Venice, we can ensure you get all the time you need to do precisely that without a moment’s stress.

Our tailor-made holidays to Venice ensure a memorable experience regardless of your preferences. Our expert team are on hand to help throughout the entire booking process, so get in touch on 01784 770844 today for more information.

Tailor-Made Holidays To Venice

Visit the Piazza San Marco to get a closer look at Saint Mark’s Basilica, or wander through Doge’s Palace for a glimpse of gothic architecture at its finest. Take a gondola ride along the Grand Canal for another view of the Basilica, or even stop by Burano for a true Venetian experience. This fishing island offers mouth-watering foods and a lace museum for an exploration of Venice’s fashion-based past.

Visit in February to indulge in the sheer brilliance of the Venice Carnival. This annual festival is a sight to behold, full of Venetian costume and bright colours to capture the brightest of imaginations. With our bespoke holidays to Venice, we can arrange your trip here during this time period, or help you manage travel around the carnival dates if you’re seeking something a little quieter. Regardless, Venice is a stunning location with plenty to do and a romantic atmosphere that will have you falling in love all over again.

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