Bespoke Holidays To Lisbon

As a capital city, you expect something quite special, you expect the city itself to encapsulate the country and to offer you something unique; something that you would not find in any other place. Lisbon delivers on this count and then some. It is a truly magnificent capital city that is by its very nature welcoming, open, diverse and cultural. With a bespoke holiday to Lisbon, you will find something for everyone, with the food and the culinary delights being one of the standout highlights. You can find the highest quality cuisines from around the world within walking distance from each other, including but of course not limited to traditional Portuguese specials, Indian, Moroccan, odes to beef and meat and much more besides; many boasting Michelin stars!

As you may or may not know Lisbon is surrounded on all sides by seven beautiful hills, which have situated upon them picturesque viewing platforms that are known locally as the Miradourous, which translates as “viewpoints”. No tailor-made holiday to Lisbon would be complete without a trip to at least one of these viewpoints as from them you can appreciate the majesty and beauty of the city laid out before you – a romantic “must see” if your holiday intention is to soak up the romance in what is already a very romantic city. With the beautiful views in abundance and the traditional sangria on tap, we just know you’ll fall in love on your bespoke holiday to Lisbon.

Tailor-Made Holidays To Lisbon

Having been almost decimated by an earthquake and then a tsunami in the 18th century, Lisbon’s buildings are a mixture of what is referred to as either “post-earthquake” or “pre-earthquake”, with the latter naturally being in short supply (especially as a fire that followed the earthquake destroyed much of what the tremors did not!). This makes for some diverse cityscapes that are unique in Europe, with traditional mixing with the modern in a way that must be seen to be believed.

If a tailor-made holiday to Lisbon is all about the culture and the nightlife then we are pleased to inform you that you will be absolutely spoilt for choice. The oftentimes sleepy, and perhaps a little subdued city streets, come alive at night and spill out onto cobbles, the squares and open spaces alike! With no open container laws and a thriving nightlife scene, where bars and cafes and restaurants and their unique patrons all of whom are slightly different openly mingle and socialise with each other, in Lisbon you will find inclusivity that is both welcoming and wonderous.

If you think that Lisbon could be your next holiday destination, please get in touch with a member of our friendly and professional team today – let us get started on planning your perfect holiday! We cover everything from activities, to days out, to art gallery visits and much more besides. Discover what we can do for you at WindowToTravel.

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