Bespoke Holidays To Japan

Japan is the dream holiday destination for tourists all over the world. For such a small island country, Japan is bursting to the seams with must-see sights and incredible experiences, so it can be difficult to know where to start when planning your own trip. That’s where Window to Travel comes in – providing tailor-made holidays to Japan that will include all the wonders of Japanese culture.

The first thing to consider when planning from the many options for your travels in Japan, are the destinations you want to include on your trip. Some visitors choose to only visit Tokyo, which has enough entertainment for you to enjoy for a couple of weeks and plenty of wild night-life. Other travellers wish to take advantage of the lightning-fast bullet trains and flawless public transport system to see the entire country. From the ancient streets of the old capital Kyoto, where geishas can still be glimpsed, to the natural hot springs that can be found near Mount Fuji, there is magic to be found everywhere in the beautiful land of the rising sun. The best way to experience it all has got to be with a bespoke holiday to Japan package, that takes the hassle out of holiday planning.

Tailor-Made Holidays To Japan

The most popular time of year for tourists visiting Japan is during the famous cherry blossom season between March and April when the country is covered with a stunning flurry of pink and white flowers. There really is no sight that can compare to the breathtaking beauty of a traditional Japanese street during this time – but to avoid the crowds it might be best to visit at another time of year. The rainiest time for Japan comes in June, but other than this, the climate is very pleasant all year round.

For many of those on holiday in Japan, the cultural differences between the country and their own can be something of a surprise. For this reason, it’s important to get up to scratch on the basics of Japanese social expectations before visiting. It’s advisable to try and learn a few basic Japanese phrases, particularly in rural areas, as many locals will not speak much English. It’s also definitely worth brushing up those chopstick skills for experiencing phenomenal Japanese cuisine, as traditional Western cutlery can be hard to come across.

Take away the stress of considering plans for rail travel, flights, hotels and activities by choosing from many options for bespoke holidays to Japan with Window to Travel. This will leave you with so much more time to spend on more important things, such as researching Japanese culture!

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