Bespoke Holidays To Macau

You’ll find vibrancy in every corner of the Chinese region of Macau – the city centre alone is full of life, from towering buildings with a population of around 600,000 people, those seeking a city break like no other are in luck. The bustling streets never feel too congested when compared to the imperiously populated cities of Shanghai and Beijing, offering the chance to enjoy all of the perks of a city escape on a more relaxing scale.

The Macau region offers the perfect balance of people and architecture, but anyone who dreams of dipping their toes into the bright lights of the Vegas Strip will have an equally as thrilling experience here. Said to be the Las Vegas of China, Macau offers the same hustle and bustle with an entirely unique atmosphere. Away from the gambling side of the region, the Macau tower offers a 360-degree view of the surrounding area and even the opportunity to bungee jump after a 200-metre free fall.

For those wanting to step away from the cosmopolitan centre, Macau is a scenic treasure and provides some of the most breathtaking spectacles found anywhere on the globe. Anyone passionate about photography will spend hours on end taking snaps of the ancient ruins scattered around, as well as the bustling and dynamic high streets.

Travel to the Ruins of the Church of St Paul for the chance to witness the remnants of what was once the biggest show of Christianity in Asia. After the church was utilised as a battalion for the military, a fire broke out and burned the church to leave only what remains today – a single façade stood proudly. For a Baroque church in Asia, The St. Joseph Seminary and Church is the perfect blend of religion and museum, offering a true insight into some of the country’s richest history.

Tailor-Made Holidays To Macau

Bustling cities and rural treasures are aplenty with bespoke holidays to Macau

Whether your heart has been set on Macau’s charming culture for years or it has become a recent addition to your bucket list, this blend of the best of Chinese and Portuguese culture offers a truly unique break for all who travel here.

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