Bespoke Holidays To Thailand

In the centre of the Far East sits a treasure like no other – Thailand is the true gem in Asia’s crown, rich with an unforgettably unique culture. Attracting thousands of visitors every year, everything from the sacred spaces reflecting the growing Buddhist nation, to the stretching rural landscapes full of hidden gems, bespoke holidays to Thailand are truly unmissable.

Start your trip with a dip in the warm waters along Thailand’s two tropical coastlines. With deep blue waters that offer a variety of adventurous water sports, not least including surfing, kiteboarding and diving amongst the tropical sea life, those with a penchant for adventure will never be disappointed with Thailand’s golden sands.

Venture away from the coast and into the city and you’ll be treated to the ever-popular Bangkok. You could float along the canal throughout the day, then stop off at a local market for a dash of playful haggling, even if you don’t happen to know a word of their language. Come evening, it’s time to indulge in a plate of something intense from the diverse array of street food stops. Whether it’s an adventurous bowl of heady noodles, or Thailand’s take on an international dish, taste buds will tingle here.

No holiday to Thailand would be complete without a visit to one of the plentiful sacred spaces situated across the land. A nation of Buddhists, you’ll be treated to the likes of meditation in Chiang Mai, temples atop hills that prove worth the trek and numerous religious festivals full of stunning cloth, decoration and colour.

Round off your trip with a wander around Thailand’s rural treasures – from flowing waterfalls that glitter in the light that breaks through the leafy canopies above, to the towering rice paddies that sit luscious and green amongst the hills, no photograph can capture their wonder in quite the same way as seeing it with your own eyes. With tailor-made holidays to Thailand, you’ll never be short on breath-taking moments to cherish.

Tailor-Made Holidays To Thailand

Come rain or shine, Thailand plays host to plenty of things you can see, taste, smell and enjoy; whatever you choose, our bespoke holidays to Thailand are created entirely to suit your tastes. However, whether you’re an adventurous traveller seeking your next thrill, or a city dweller looking to enjoy the bustle of Bangkok, we have one suggestion – make time to visit one of Thailand’s magnificent temples.

Wat Arun is perhaps one of the most famous – after all, if you want proof that the Wat Arun is a phenomenal temple, then all you need to do is look at a 10-baht coin, where it’s likeness is printed clearly. This mosaic masterpiece is a colourful treasure, and one that is truly unmissable. Alternatively, you could visit Wat Pho; people from far and wide come to visit as it is home to Thailand’s largest reclining Buddha, coated in lavish gold leaf. Another notable temple is Wat Benchamabophitr – We will leave the pronunciation to you! It is aptly named the ‘Marble Temple’ and is a truly stunning example of Thai architecture.

Aside from the temples, there are many other great places to enjoy. Chinatown is packed with centuries-old markets, restaurants, gold vendors and street stores – The ambience here is fantastic and you will get to indulge in some of Thailand’s best street food. The open-air rooftop bars are another attraction worth experiencing. And what about a Thai massage? The best places for those are; Divana Divine Spa, Thann Sanctuary, Take Care Beauty Salon & Spa and Health Land Ekamai.

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