Bespoke Holidays To Saudi Arabia

Challenging to visit yet well worth the efforts, Saudi Arabia is a truly unique location that’s perfect for those looking or something different. Boasting a fascinating history rich with religion and breathtaking architecture unlike any other country in the world, the increase in demand for travel here is an understandable one.

Religion is a key component of life in Saudi Arabia and has gone a long way to form the country as it stands today. With the holy cities of Mecca and Medina ready for you to visit, you’ll truly be able to experience something you’ll never forget. View the tomb of the prophet Muhammad and walk the paths of the most sacred destinations in the whole of Arabia.

With a carefully tailored trip, we’ll ensure you capture a rare glimpse of pre-Islamic Arabia. The best location for this would be the Al-Magar site, situated within the southern region of the country, which is approximately 9,000 years old and even has an 85,000-year-old human footprint planted within the ground.

Away from religion and history, Saudi Arabia is also a haven for anyone wanting to delve into thrilling scuba diving experiences. A number of beaches dotted across the country are completely untouched, meaning that sea life lives and roams freely all year round. If you’re experienced and adventurous enough to venture into the water, you could see barracudas, turtles, morays, and even sharks – those new to scuba diving can invest in a local experience for guidance along the way.

If you’d rather keep your feet on land, you could take a journey to The Lonely Castle – this tomb sits remotely in a stretch of desert, carved into a giant boulder but offers a truly unforgettable sight to see. Another desert find is Al ‘Ula, a stone and mud town, now completely deserted, that gives a brief insight into life in Saudi Arabia 2,000 years ago.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to indulge in a trip spent sourcing hidden gems, or you’re interested in the key tourist attractions around the country, our bespoke holidays to Saudi Arabia will be carefully designed so you can see them all.

Tailor-Made Holidays To Saudi Arabia

Explore unusual territory with tailor-made holidays to Saudi Arabia.

Here at Window To Travel, we are experienced in organising memorable, rewarding and safe trips to Saudi Arabia and with our network of trusted partners across the country, we have everything on hand to ensure that this remains the case. We’ll organise everything on your behalf, from the flights and accommodation to the activities and excursions. Whatever your heart desires, we will do our utmost to make sure you see it all with our bespoke holidays to Saudi Arabia. Our teams will even identify the best deals and offers that ensure you are getting the most from your designated budget.

Any rare challenges faced on your trip will always be handled by our team, who endeavour to be available for contact constantly throughout your trip. From the moment you get in touch, all the way to the final booking stages, you will be the centre of everything that we do.

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