Bespoke Holidays To South USA

Southern USA has a distinct culture rivalling that of its northern counterpart, filled with dense, green forests and sun-kissed winding roads twisting from state to state. Indulge in a relaxing break amongst the warm sands of Florida’s famed beaches, catching waves along the surf and tanning in the radiant summer sun, or even take a trip to Disneyland or Universal Studios for a family break to remember. Travel to the West Coast and sample California’s city beaches at Santa Monica, Malibu or Los Angeles for a truly glamorous break guaranteed to leave you relaxed and recharged.

Step away from the beaches and head towards the likes of Texas for a taste of southern USA culture like no other with our bespoke holidays to South USA. Austin and Dallas offer musicians the chance to showcase their talents and fans the opportunity to lose themselves in continental beats, while western Texas is home to the Big Bend National Park, a stretch of stunning views almost the size of Rhode Island. Head to Tennessee and you’ll be greeted by the likes of Nashville, the home of country music, and the Great Smoky Mountains, a truly breathtaking subrange from the Appalachian Mountains that opens plenty of opportunity for hiking, Black Bear spotting and a wealth of parks to wander and enjoy in the sunshine.

For a holiday dedicated to glitz and glamour, Hollywood steals the spotlight. Stroll amongst the stars along Hollywood Boulevard and stop by one of an abundance of restaurants for a truly mouth-watering treat, or wander through the hills for the perfect view of Los Angeles stretching before you. For a vibrant music scene, New Orleans can’t be beaten, filled with a truly enviable nightlife that never seems to come to an end. Instead, you can live life to the fullest amongst a mixture of French, American and African culture without a time limit.

Tailor-made holidays to USA South offer you the chance to explore all of this and more at your own pace. Whether you’re seeking a round-country trip or a simple, classic holiday in the sun, our travel management can help ensure a seamless trip. Just get in touch on 01784 770844 to find out more.


Tailor-Made Holidays To USA South

Experience colourful nightlife, expansive natural parks and mesmerising views with bespoke holidays to South USA.

No trip to Southern USA would be complete without paying a visit to Nevada, a complex blend of natural beauty, bustling metropolises and, of course, the bright lights of Las Vegas. Whether a skiing trip at Lake Tahoe has you digging out the thermals, or the thought of driving through the famous Red Rock Canyon National Park has you looking up car hire, you’re spoiled for choice with natural beauty spots here – and our bespoke holidays to South USA will ensure you see everything you want to. Step away from the expansive country and into the incredible world of the Las Vegas strip and treat yourself to a gourmet meal accompanied by breathtaking shows or Little Paris and finish it all off with a spin on the slots. With tailor-made holidays to USA South, you can experience all of this and more, however, and whenever you desire.

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