Bespoke Holidays To Mauritius

 Holidaymakers craving a taste of tropical tranquillity are spoiled for choice on the African island nation of Mauritius. Waters a stunning turquoise hue and warm sandy beaches provide the perfect backdrop to a classic waterside escape filled with hours of sunbathing, taking dips in crystal waters and wandering along the palm-lined coastline. For those seeking the life of luxury, Mauritius plays host to some incredible hotels, designed to offer every guest a prestigious, relaxing experience regardless of your choice of resort. You’ll be treated to delicious meals, sensual spas and warm swimming pools, all with perfect views of the stretching sea beyond.

For those with a spontaneous side, Mauritius opens its arms to sport and adrenaline fans with opportunities to try kite surfing, swimming, windsurfing and a variety of other waterside activities. For those with experience, the scuba diving and snorkelling here is like no other within the stunning lagoons. Surrounded by coral reef and shallow waters for an easy dive, you can explore with ease or consider venturing towards the ocean drop-off for a glimpse at the deep blue below.

Animal fans can also rejoice, with the chance to swim with dolphins and catch glimpses of magnificent whales and sophisticated sharks. On land, you’ll see the pink pigeon and the Mauritian kestrel and if you venture out to Ile aux Aigrettes, you’ll even be greeted to free-roaming giant tortoises.

Tailor-made holidays to Mauritius ensure you get to see every bit of this gorgeous island that your heart desires. We’ll organise the travel management on your behalf, so you can simply jet off and relax in style.

Tailor-Made Holidays To Mauritius

Treat your taste buds to tantalising local delicacies on bespoke holidays to Mauritius.

Tailor-made holidays to Mauritius wouldn’t be complete without a visit to a local restaurant to sample the mouth-watering specialities on offer. With a cuisine reflective of European, Indian, Chinese and Creolean influence, you’ll certainly find something to suit your tastes and plenty of dishes to expand your palette. You’ll find a bit of everything here, with dishes like the Rougaille stew – a Creole dish featuring meat or fish integrated perfectly with garlic, onion and thyme for a truly memorable foodie experience.

This volcanic land is home to plenty of flora and fauna for those seeking a picture-perfect backdrop to their well-deserved escape. Enviable temperatures make for comfortable weather to explore Port Louis, the lively capital, or for a wander around the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden. Spot deer in an open-sided truck at the Frederica Nature Reserve, or head to Chameral for a glimpse at the colourful natural wonder.

Whatever you choose to do, bespoke holidays to Mauritius with Window To Travel ensure that you get to sate your wanderlust without stress or worry. We simply listen to what you want to do and see when you want to go and your given price range and from here, we’ll help build a holiday entirely catered to you and your desires. Get in touch with a travel management expert on 01784 770844 today.

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