June 2018

An Alternative Look At Lanzarote

Lanzarote is a popular holiday destination for many looking to relax on the sunny beaches of Arrefice, and party all night long in fun-filled Puerto del Carmen. While there are a number of exciting options to be found in this area of Lanzarote, with the Rancho Texas Park being a key tourist attraction here, if you’re looking to discover the island’s true beauty, you’re going to want to consider taking a look at some of the more alternative locations which remain well-known by the locals, yet still somewhat hidden from the tourist industry. Here, we’re taking a look at a recent trip one of our Window To Travel experts took around the island, to help you to discover some of the more untouched areas of Lanzarote.

Los Jameos del Agua

For a taste of adventure, the series of lava caves which makes up Los Jameos del Agua should not be forgotten. Located in northern Lanzarote, this area is devoted to nature, and despite being a well-known tourist attraction, the area still maintains its quiet and magical atmosphere. With a subterranean Salt Lake offering visitors the chance to marvel at its unique beauty, and the ecological importance of the location for the endemic squat lobster species, Los Jameos del Agua is a perfect stop-off point on the north of the island. It’s important to remember, however, that the area is ecologically fragile.

El Golfo

If you’re searching for an attraction that is entirely idiosyncratic to Lanzarote, then make sure to remember the famous Green Lagoon, also known as El Golfo. This wild and raw landscape offers visitors the chance to truly become one with nature, marvelling at the incredulous acidic green colour of the lagoon, which was formed as a result the algae which resides in the lake. El Golfo was formed after sea water became trapped in a cove, and in fact, is located on a half-submerged volcano; at the foot of which lies Lago Verde (the green lake). El Golfo is located on the southwest coastline and is surrounded by black beaches which contrast with the striking blue of the Atlantic Ocean behind it.


Heading off-road along the north coast, you are likely to stumble across the small, ‘lost’ fishing village of Tenesar. Silent yet beautiful, Tenesar’s landscape consists of just three colours: the black of the beach on which no sunbathers lay, the blue of the sea, and the white of the houses – many of which are in ruins. The only sound you’ll hear in Tenesar is the crashing waves on the coast line, but it is a thrilling and immersive place to explore nonetheless.

La Graciosa

Located just 2km north of Lanzarote, La Graciosa is a stunning volcanic island that should be on everyone’s bucket list. This island is one of few locations in the world where no tarmac roads exist, and as an almost unknown location, La Graciosa remains unspoiled by tourism. The island’s serenity is just one of the attractions for visitors to make the short trip to this island, and the fascinating colours of its beaches make up a second reason to visit. For those who are looking to embrace silence and beauty, La Graciosa is the ideal choice as a short-day trip from Lanzarote. Boats travel from Órzola to La Graciosa on a regular basis in the summer months, and with a beautifully untouched marine reserve to explore on the number of islets, there’s no better option than La Graciosa to round off a Lanzarote holiday.

Lanzarote has so much more to offer its visitors than the buzzing strips of the main tourist parts. To find out more about the bespoke holiday packages we can help you to create for your next Lanzarote holiday, get in touch with a member of our expert team, today.