August 2019

Top Six Summer Holiday Destinations

The sun is shining and the time is right for a Summer holiday (if you are reading this outside of Summer then planning ahead is always going to hold you in good stead!). With this in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to put together a short guide piece on our top six summer holiday destinations! These destinations will all serve as the ideal summer holiday location for families, solo travellers, couples and larger parties alike!


This amazing country has seen an unprecedented spike in popularity in the last decade and we expect this upward trend to continue for years to come. It boasts a vast collection of ancient architecture, a Mediterranean climate, many areas of outstanding natural beauty to enjoy and an interesting history too! Plus, it is much cheaper than other countries with similar offerings.


Perhaps one of the most famous of Spain’s Balearic Islands, English people have had a love affair with Majorca for decades, and it is easy to see why! With average temperatures around the 25 degree mark and roughly 11 hours of sunshine per day, clear blue seas, plenty of sights to see and friendly locals to mingle with it is no wonder that Majorca is consistently one of us Brit’s most popular places to visit.

ANY Of The Greek Islands

This is of course a very broad selection into our summer holiday top ten and does cover many islands, but we do honestly believe that they are all of merit and worthy of inclusion on our list! Boasting miraculous sunshine, fantastic cuisine and an almost endless list of monuments and areas of vast historical significance to explore – the Greek islands have so much to offer those of all tastes. Enquire about a Holiday in Greece today!

The Algarve

Portugal is quickly becoming one of the main holiday destinations of choice, with cities to enjoy and beautiful countryside to explore Portugal and the Algarve in particular is starting to attract more and more tourists and travellers from all over the globe. Located on Portugal’s picturesque Atlantic coast, and boasting vineyards and golf courses aplenty, take a trip to this wonderful region to soak up the sun, the culture and the clear blue seas.

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Sicily, Italy

This magical island is surely the jewel in the crown of the Italian tourism industry and is the largest of all the Mediterranean islands! With a large number of UNESCO World Heritage sites, medieval history aplenty, Mount Etna (one of the largest active volcanoes in Europe!) to explore and countless museums to learn from Sicily is a must visit no matter who you are travelling with.

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Though one of the smallest countries in Europe Montenegro is an amazing collection of biodiversity, mountains, national parks, beaches and historical architecture. It is surprisingly cheap and still as yet undiscovered by the vast majority of Europe’s holiday-goes (who for the most part seem to enjoy the more popular well known destinations) though bear in mind that this will not last for long and we are certain that it is only a matter of time before Montenegro is revealed for the beautiful country that it truly is!